Hitler's War

One boardgame that I did play recently was Hitler's War. I bought the game new a few years ago but it has been sitting on my shelves unplayed. Well I finally had the chance to play it and we really enjoyed it. You may recall that it was originally a Metagaming design revamped by Avalon Hill and depicts the war in Europe. It is very much an abstracted grand strategic game with emphasis on control of production points but also involves an interesting research element. Research can lead to developments such as cheaper armies and mechanised divisions to strategic bombers, missiles even the A bomb. I don't normally like too much production-orientated games but this worked well. I also liked the number of options that it gave, in our 1st game Germany invaded Britain while delaying the attack on the Soviet Union. We didn't finish the game but as it had relatively few counters it would be easy to record unit positions and come back to it. Our 2nd attempt had Germany bogged down in France too long for an early Allied victory. This may reflect the ability of both players as the same player was winning both times. However it was very enjoyable. The game doesn't attempt to be World in Flames or Fire in the East but is at least playable to a conclusion in a reasonable length of time, I recommend the game.