This page is hosted on the WordPress engine.  It partly acts as a repository for information and a means to throw out ideas.  I also host and administer other WordPress sites.  Some of these are linked from the menu bar others are still in development so are not linked in.  I use this site as a sandbox to try out WordPress settings without having to mess up other live sites.  This means that the layout here may occasionally change without any obvious reason but there is a clear plan behind it all.

I taught for over 12 years in a UK College.  There are worksheets and essays on how to plan for teaching. The page on resources reads from a directory and displays the file locations with links.  For a while I had all this information tidily displayed on the Moodle content management system.  This did work but the project was taking up over 600 MB of disk space.  The current solution does the same overall effect with under 1/10th of the disk space used.

I have an on and off interested in indoor games, generally board games and with some toy soldiers or as we like to call it in the trade ‘playing with dolls’.  I have used these in teaching both as social or group exercise in tutorials and in teaching logic in computing.  For a while in the 1990s I ran an A5 printed newsletter than reviewed games.  The content was later displayed and updated on the old Yahoo Geocities host engine.  Most of the files were saved when that closed down and are now hosted in the ZOCo section

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