Leaving moodle


This site used to link to a Moodle content management system full of teaching resources. I have removed this as it was rapidly filling up the server space. The total number of files and their sizes were modest but they ate up over 700MB of server space. In exchange for all that space I got a snazzy way to display files with nice menus and expanding bits. I was not using any fancy student upload or chat features.

I have replaced the system with a set of file directories and a php script that displays their contents. There is a loss of visual appeal although I can still tidy up the code a little. I conclude that with modest coding skills the Moodle functionality can be modelled with a massive reduction in file hosting size and easier administration.

To display files a FTP server could be used although the php approach is tidier and more secure. I have put all the files in pdf format as most other formats will download rather than display when clicked. If the user does not notice the download they get the files but nothing appears to be happening. Quizzes were always more trouble than they were worth in Moodle, the software Hot Potatoes does a good job of creating web based quizzes with less effort. File uploads of student work can be hosted and checked at TurnItIn. At a pinch an FTP server can be set up to do the job, best to set up individual accounts and avoid anonymous uploads. There are plenty of bulletin board solutions such as PHPBB that can be set up for messaging. WordPress itself can run on Linux or Windows servers and can be customised to appear like a regular web site with links, sections pages, all the regular stuff to handle the front end to a site.

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