What’s it all about

Having paid for another year’s hosting with QIQ I have been inspired to rework some of the content here and a lot of the way that it is presented. This part of the collection of things is being done up in TextPattern; another content management system. These are designed for casual users, there are boxes to fill in and buttons to click. With a bit of luck we end up with a nicely organised set of pages that can be updated without a lot of dangerous code.
Part of my problem is that I like the code and prefer to know what is going on under the hood. I do not have a problem understanding the HTML and get some satisfaction from thrashing CSS layouts into place so that they look OK on more than 1 browser without resorting to hard coding numbers for all the dimensions. This is just like banging your head against the wall, it is so nice when it stops. From a reader’s point of view you get some minimum standard of content with these management systems. I can lay out the stuff to some degree but have a limited sense of style or colour so tend to end up with the wrong shade of purple or too much lime green. On the other hand with the proliferation of templates and management systems all these web thingies tend to look the same. There is also the dangerous proliferation of American English spelling, I have tried to install the Bristish (hoorah) and Welsh (i’r gad) dictionaries to Firefox to fight these trend

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