Playing with themes

I have gone through 4 themes so far here, Halitanis Lux, Raptor, Mustang Lite and Twenty Fourteen. All are front ends to CSS files that could be edited, with possibly unexpected results. The themes vary in the options that they allow in the ‘appearance’ tab. So you may or may not be able to change images and colours. The Raptor theme has its major colour changes from the Themes menu not the customise menu. You need to click on theme details not the more obvious customise button to get here. Then theme options has to be selected. A choice that when seen makes some sense but I spent some time playing with customise and changing the background colour. As this colour is hidden by images it will only show up on a slow page load.
Overall this Raptor theme is worth playing with for a short time. The major current issues is what appears to be a non-editable post labelled ‘uncategorised’ at the bottom of the page. Not surprisingly there is no clue as to how to remove this. I have instead cheated by renaming ‘uncategorised’ to computing so that this section appears to have a purpose. I then swapped from the ‘Mag Nine’ to ‘Standard’ layout and the section vanished. The conclusion is that this section should include the logo but I need to pay for pro to get that.

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