Favourite Plug-ins

Plug-ins are elements that can be added to WordPress that allow elements of the page look and feel to be modified.  Not all plug-ins are compatible with all WordPress themes and the same function may be provided by many plug-ins.  Like themes plug-ins can be paid, free or nominally free but with advanced features that you pay for.

Here are some plug-ins that I have used and stuck with:

Google analytics allows page access to be tracked giving a fair idea of how busy the site is.


The bounce rate is poor here, only 15% of visitors stay more than a few seconds.  A 12 in organic search means that 12 people actively searched for the site in the last 7 days.  Each user viewed 1 and a bit pages.  As I oversee several blogs I also have all the analytics statistics on a single Google page.


Custom CSS allows CSS to be added to specific pages (not posts).  It is not the solution where a whole site needs to be modified as the same code would be needed for every page.  The specific plug-in chosen is WP ‘Add Custom CSS‘.  Here it has been used to modify the image positions as the regular theme was using a margin that did not look right with the text.


This is Spider Event Calendar, one of many WordPress calendars.  It is a more efficient method of adding events and summary details than updating an events page.  The colours displayed are not ideal but the option to change the calendar format comes at additional cost and this particular site is being run for the parish council so where possible any expense is avoided.

Role Scoper

Role Scoper is used to assign access roles to indivual pages.  This allows a user to be set up that can edit or admin a set of pages but not all pages.  When they log in they will only see the allocated pages and will access them  with the allocated permissions.

Page List

Page list creates a simple dynamic site menu

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