Game assistance zocoFiles

Here are a number of zocoFiles that compliment or change the play of some games. You are free to use or change them as you wish as long as I am credited with the original authorship.

Reds, the Russian Civil War

Reds North Map

Reds was the first stand alone game created myself. Originally it was copied in black and white then coloured in with pastels. The whole was set with hairspray.

Only a handful of copies were made of this. The game is, however, smart to play with a good dose of randomness.

The game begins in 1917 with the Central Powers still set up in Russia. There is a slight chance that they will move forward and gobble up more of Russia.

It is more likely that they will withdraw and intervention forces will appear but the players cannot be certain when.

Reds Rules Part 1 , Reds Rules Part 2 , Reds Q & As , Reds Map , Reds Counters , Reds Tables , Reds Cards


My second and final stand alone game covered the Mahdi's rebellion and Gordon Relief Expedition. It was based on the 1st Afghan War system and to a degree was supplanted by the Decision Games title on this conflict. Dervish, however, was designed before the Decision game.

Dervish Rules Part 1 , Dervish Rules Part 2 , Dervish Charts , Dervish Counters , Dervish map , Maps and Counters (zipped) , ADC2 Gameset


This is a Visual Basic program to cover all the dice rolling and ship statistics.

Ironclads GAP

Hannibal and We the People

Two Visual Basic programs that simulate the battle cards. They act as AI allowing the battle systems to be played solitaire but taking advantages of the given card distributions

Hannibal GAP , We The People GAP

A5A 2nd Bull Run

The map of Across 5 Aprils was clearly designed to cover 1st and 2nd Bull Run. The scenario in the box only uses a small part of the map. It was not hard to make out the missing counters and set up

A5A 2nd Bull Run

Other board game zocoFiles

Piquet Age of Faith ACR Cards , Piquet Age of Faith Sequence Deck
Shogun Cards , Brother Sceanrios , Charlemagne Set Up Chart
Pyramids Translation , Runequest Downloads

Computer zocoFiles

The computer zocoFiles are for Operational Art of War II, still available in its latest form from Matrix. Also I have some new scenarios for the computer version of Great Battles of History.

Great Battles Downloads , OAW II Scenarios