The ZOCo web site archive

What was ZOCo?

These files were written for a paper newsletter that I ran in the early 1990s called ZOCo. This had a circulation of between 20 and 50 and has no connection with the (almost) glossy publication also called ZOCO that came out a few years later. When I worked out how to put pages on the web I copied all the files across to a Geocities account. At that tim geocities was possibly the only free web page host about. In time it was taken over by yahoo and then shut down by them as it was clearly not making enough profit. Geocities tended to shut down if your site generated too much bandwidth and mangled the odd file over the years (presumably as they migrated servers) but fitted my price range perfectly. In time I gave up printing the newsletter and stuck the new articles on the web. When geocities shut down a lot of small or niche sites were lost. I had pulled down most of the files before the shutdown for an assignment at Leeds Metropolitan University in web design (the MSc IDE unit). Many of the pages were written in the geocities code generator and there was a lot of cut and paste used. This left a good deal of html 3.0 code that I am not proud of. I have since rooted out a good deal of this but have no doubts that there are still some code howlers hidden in the files section of this part of the site. Some of these reviews relate to games and systems that are long out of print but as there is an active second hand market I have no worries about continuing to present them

Gaming aids

I also created a few play aids for games and 2 complete games. The games were originally photocopied maps that I hand coloured and came with counters on thin coloured card. Some kind soul found these and converted them to ADC gamesets making the whole a lot more approachable and doing wonders for the graphics. Time moves on and ADC has become a rarity as free gameplaying programs such as Cyberboard and VASSAL provide alternative means of playing games on a computer. Anyhow these are the links to the Play Aids

The ZOCo archive of reviews or at least as many as I could find
0-B 1809 1950-2000 WRG Across 5 Aprils
ASL 1st Afghan War Afghanistan Afrika
Alesia Ambush Armee du Nord Angola
Atilla the Hun MBG Auctions 2001 Auction pics S&T Austro-Prussian War
Axis & Allies B17 Balkan Wars Barbarians
  Blood & Iron (Pac Rim) Blood on the Tigris Bobby Lee
Borodino Brother Against Brother Blackbeard Blue vs. Grey
Britain Stands Alone Bunker Hill Byzantium 2nd Fleet
C-E Carrier Central America Charlemagne
Chinese Civil War Civil War & War for the Union Clontarf Commands and Colors
Crimea DBM DBR Denain
Dr Who CCG Dragon Dice End of Empire Europa Universalis
Europe at War      
F_H Fall of Rome A Famous Victory Fatal Alliances
FlashPoint Golan Flintloque For The People Franco Prussian War
Games Workshop Games Geronimo Gettysberg Greenline Chechenya
Groo Gulf Strike/ANKW Give Me Liberty Great Battles of Alex + SPQR
Great War In Europe/Near East Hannibal Hell and Fateful Decisions Hitler's War
Hornet Leader      
I-K Imperium Romanum II Indo-Pakistan war Ironclads
Ironsides Kings War Kolin Korea 95
Korean War Kreig    
L-N Lawrence of Arabia Les Croisades Like Lions They Fought
Lion of the North Magazine games MBT Memoir '44
Mohawk Mosby's Rangers Moscow Burning No Pasaran!
Napoleonic Wars Napoleons Battles No Better Place To Die Nuts
North Africa (GMT)
0-Q Other Short Comments On to Moscow Paths of Glory
Patton's Best Phalanx (soc of Ancients) Pyramids  
R-T Raid on Richmond RAF Red Sun Red Star
Rise of the Luftfaffe Risiorgmento RoboRally Rossia 1917
Raid on St. Nazaire Russo-Turkish War Royalists And Roundheads  
S-U Sam Grant Sands of War SASL campaign
Sea Devils Seven Years War In Europe Silver Bayonet Six Days of Glory
Space Hulk Star Trek CCG Strike North  
Successors Tac Air Talisman Thunderbolt Apache Leader
Thunder at Cassino The '45 Up Front Too Much for the Mahdi
V-Z Vittoria 1813 We The People White Eagle Onwards
When Eagles Fight Wings WW1 (SPI) WW2/World In Flames
World in Flames Final When Tigers Fight Zama Zeppelin